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Bamboo Blue Horizon Socks

Bamboo Blue Horizon Socks

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We love a classic sock we have given it a half tone twist! Why? Because we make works of art to drape across your feet. Besides, you cant have stripes without spots!

Supremely comfortable, almost like walking on air. No seriously! These represent top of the line quality/comfort and of course value.

The navy colour works very well in jeans, shorts or even a suit. Made from bamboo, we have reinforced the toe and heel to give a super soft feel and thickness to give one of the best socks in the world! Bamboo is thermo regulating, so ideal for summer or winter and as naturally antibac, will keep smells at bay. 


78% Bamboo 

20% Durable polyamide

1% Polyester

1% Adaptable Elastane

100% Stylish

Care Instructions:

To take the best care of your  socks, keep these few things in mind:

  • Machine wash at 40C or hand wash if you want to give them a gentle treat
  • Wash the socks turned inside out
  • We recommend air-drying to extend the life of the sock. Do not tumble dry, these are too nice for that.
  • Do not bleach
  • In drawer, fold don’t roll (rolling them into balls can distort their shape)
  • Keep them together. Socks are sneaky, they hide and nobody likes to be short of a full pair


Designed in UK. Manufactured in Turkey 

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